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January 25, 2012


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Steve Gammill

John A, what a wonderful demonstration of the power of story and caring. Typical, of course, for you. Now picture this: Mr. Miller's family is in a bit of disagreement on which child should take what items and who inherited more than another. An often repeated issue and one that has taken a good bit of time and space on your linkedin discussion postings recently. How can we head off or repair those sorts of disfunction within our families? What if Mrs. Miller tells this story to her family members early after Mr. Miller's death and they talk about what he meant to each of them? In many cases, that small effort by Mrs. Miller far exceeds the results achieved by the trained family facilitators. Not always, of course, but the power of story, especially ongoing stories within families...well, you know better than I.

John A. "John A" Warnick

Thanks Steve. And, if there were three Miller children wouldn't it be wonderful if Mrs. Miller gave each of their children one of those three shiny red marbles.

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