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August 28, 2012


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Barbara G. Shaiman

I was very moved by your powerful message. Having worked with youth for over 30 years I strongly feel that empowering young people to " spread their wings and fly" is key to their success in life. By providing environments that are supportive and caring and allowing our children to "explore, dream and discover" we give them invaluable tools for life. This is an important message for teachers, parents, grandparents and all who are involved with youth.

Steve Gammill

Even for those of us who are deeply into these concepts of teaching and counselling, this one is a "stand-alone," a keeper. I'd like to brand it onto my forehead for all to see. I will be announcing a contest shortly to gather pearls of wisdom found in these stories and I hope people like John A and Scott Farnsworth will participate. What a fount of blessings they both are to us. www.stevegammill.com

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