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March 04, 2010


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Harold T. Pearce

John A-
What wonderfully connecting Pillars! Thanx for sharing! Great starting points for philanthropic conversations with professionals, families, or groups of donors. I felt a little resistance to the second sentence in #3. This is a very complex issue. How far out do we take this? Does the whole world need to be at peace and joyful before I can be? There is an interconnectedness between us, but there are also many factors other than what I can impact that influence someone else's peace and joy. That may be taking on a little too much. To act in ways that value how others are being affected is central to being a mature person, and even to act on behalf of others at times when they can't is essential if we are to be compassionate, but to wait until all is well everywhere for everyone before I can be at peace seems too heavy a burden. Others thoughts? hp:)

John "John A" Warnick

Thanks Harold...I appreciate that insight and wonder if the answer isn't that the suggestion in the Pillar is for a "spirit of interconnectedness" rather than the strict "letter of interconnectedness." Could we say that as long as my intention to act in accordance with that spirit that I can be at peace even if the dream of harmony hasn't fully materialized?

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