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July 14, 2010


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Tim Sanderson

Every one "values" something. If we try to use the word "values" to circumscribe a set of principles that are acceptable to us as the norm or the standard, then we do risk becoming judgemental and the resultant "red state/blue state" state-of-mind you mentioned. Instead of values, I believe we need to discover "fundamental principles" which underly and provide the foundation for all successful human endeavors. Fundamental principles are like the laws of physics. They exist, and always act the same in every situation. They have predictable cause and effect. The choices we make in life cannot avoid the good or bad consequences inherent in living a life in concert with, or opposed to these foundational fundamental principles. It is our challenge to discover them.

John A Warnick

Thanks Tim.  I greatly appreciate your comments and perspective.

Jordans 4

Take a moment to stop and appre- ciate the memories you have made, the memory making opportunies around you and make someone feel special today.

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