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August 20, 2010


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Bob Pittman

What an incredible story. I’ve always been a Ray Charles “music” fan, and now I am becoming a real Ray Charles fan. He reached out through his music, his children and his charitable acts in ways that touch us all. Thanks, John A., for carrying the message and telling the story.

John "John A" Warnick

Thanks Bob. As you have noted, there was much more to Ray Charles than just the music. And, while his life was a lifetime struggle to overcome addiction there are some powerful lessons for all of us in how he lived those final years. John A


This is awesome.
I love this story.
I now know that Ray Charles was generous and wasn't selfish. He gave his children one million dollars each and gave money to the universities. To me Ray Charles is my inspiration and role model. I now am looking forward to later on in life that way I could do exactly what Ray Charles did.
That is a goal for me.

John "John A" Warnick

Thanks Shazanay. There is a lot to admire in the Ray Charles story.


Ray Charles had a heart of gold. It's a shame that no talent "reality people" ( they are not stars) don't put some of that money back into helping those that need it. Instead they are selfish little whiners that only think about themselves. The same goes for all the overpaid spoiled pro jocks. God Bless Ray Charles and people like him!

Ceril Brkett

"...A song for you..." You have said it all. May God give you peace and take you into his kingdom for redemption. We will never forget you Brother Ray.


How incredible was his ability to love, lose, recover and share the story in a song.

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