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May 27, 2011


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John "John A" Warnick

I wanted to share just a few more details about this story that Joe Paul passed along to me this week. The forgotten infant's name was Henry and he had died during the Civil War period. And,the tool and the opportunity to get rid of the crabgrass both appeared virtually simultaneously with the intention that formed in Joe's heart to honor his family through the acts of service his grandmother had trained him to do. It is very interesting, Joe points out, that when our intentions are right the right tool always seems to be there to honor our intention. In this case, it had to be a pick axe. A hoe or a rake probably wouldn't have gone deep enough to strike the tombstone. Each time I come back to this story I marvel at both the circumstances that were necessary to produce the story and the power of the lessons for both Joe and all of us.

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