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February 17, 2012


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A Facebook User

Teaching your children to be selfish is of great importance.

That sounds awful but keep reading.

So many people spend their lives trying to please others and no one can really keep more than one other happy at a time because, inevitably, there will be conflicting desires if you are attempting to keep more than one happy.

You have to understand that we are all good at our core but that goodness cannot shine when we are unhappy. The happier we are (and science has proven this) the more we give to others.

When you get off the treadmill of pleasing others you 'put your own oxygen mask on first" and then you have far more to give to others.

Happier people are more intelligent, creative, resilient, emotionally intelligent, healthy and have better relationships. All of these factors benefit your families, your friends and co-workers, your community and your country when you extrapolate them out to how they impact the world.

The sort of selfishness and greed that we do not like comes from a place of lack. True happiness fills that empty place inside and makes us want to give from a selfish place, because it feels good to give.

John A. "John A" Warnick

I love this "putting your own oxygen mask on first" wisdom. Thanks Jeanine for sharing this marvelous wisdom.

Holly P. Thomas

John A,
Love love love the less is more philosophy. So important. Greece makes a good reference point because the media keeps bringing them up. Did you know.....Greece became an independent country in 1869. It first defaulted in 1874. It has been in default 17 times in its existence, a number exceeded only by Honduras. !! ;). Just a little economist trivia to add to your point that we definitely do not want to follow their example.

John A. "John A" Warnick

Thanks Holly for that enlightening bit of economic trivia.

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