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February 24, 2013


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Hartley Goldstone

This is great, John A.

Steve Gammill

Even those of us who consider we're "huggers" need to be reminded that we don't ever do it enough. Thanks for this one, John A.

Johanna Fox Turner

Thanks for your post! We make a practice of hugging in our office. When clients come in now, instead of sticking out a hand, they open their arms wide. It's a wonderful way to start the conversation!

Yolanda Gallo

Hugging is a daily ritual for me. I hug everybody I meet and welcome including getting at least 3 - 5 hugs a day from my teenagers. I hug on the left side "heart to heart". My research has found that people instinctively hug on the right side - but I always ask people I prefer hugs to the left and tell them why....and everytime I get an "ahhhh that makes sense" :)

When I tuck my grandson into bed I pick up his teddy bear and say "hug for Mr. Bear, hugs are so beautiful, your turn". Now when I hug bear and put him in Adam's arms he hugs him, smiles and rolls on his side to sleep..."it is indeed a beautiful thing"

Donald Chalmers

I've just added three quotes about hugging to my 4th lot of 5555 truthful quotes. Thankyou !

When I started collecting wisdom quotes about 10 years ago, I didn't ever think that I would have lasted this long, since I was on a downward health spiral. Since then, I have included my first batch of Three Thousand as "Unwinding the Wound - Wound Wisdom" in my "wound-wisdom.tk" website.

Later, I incorporated these into a larger work "Manna from Heaven", and thought that surely, I had reached the "limit". This is also now freely available to all at the site (click on that section and open the PDF file).

On checking now though the word search for "hug", "hugs", "hugged" and "hugging", this important facet of our life-affirming behaviour has only arisen about 8 times in my (currently) 17,690 quotes.

Hugging is obviously a very important part of love, friendship and affection; I am surprised that my search shows such a low number. Obviously, your article was very well timed, and helps redress the issue. Thanks again for your contribution !

I hope in the future to include the next lots of 5555 "wisdom quotes" to my website as "Nectar from Heaven", "Weft of Heaven", and "Warp of Heaven" - if I can get them all collected and sorted before my "end".

Only another 4,530 quotes to be collected. Surely then I will meet my "Match" (or my "Maker"), though I suspect that the scope is "infinite" , and that I'll only have scratched at the surface of "Good-God" living concepts. But it will be at least, a beginning, and a strong foundation for all the others to build upon.

Donald Chalmers

Oops ! The website details I showed omitted a couple of "forward slashes" (//) which I have now inserted, so that you should now be able to go to my website by pointing to my names - "below".


Love this, John - thank you. Easy and pleasant to do; a no-brainer as part of adily life! Bente


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